Scott J. Berry
Specializing in handcrafted, custom 14K and 18K gold jewelry utilizing a unique selection of fine gemstones.
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Featured Pieces

Beryl ring
Morganite ring
Zircon ring
Topaz ring

Next Show

Mar 20 - 22
Sugarloaf Oaks Arts Festival
Greater Philadelphia Expo, Oaks, PA
St James Art Festival in Louisville KY  October 1, 2014
Come say hi at booth # SJ-158 on the SE part St James court!

Riverwalk Fine Art Fair  September 18, 2014
A last minute edition in Naperville, IL

56th Annual Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair  August 8, 2014
A beautiful setting for an art fair, come say hi!

55th annual Ann Arbor Art fair  July 15, 2014
Come join us for a beautiful week in Ann Arbor!

 Scott J. Berry
P.O. Box 7748
Ann Arbor MI 48107