Scott J. Berry
Specializing in handcrafted, custom 14K and 18K gold jewelry utilizing a unique selection of fine gemstones.
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Featured Pieces

Beryl ring
Morganite ring
Zircon ring
Topaz ring

Next Show

Nov 06 - 08
Sugarloaf Oaks Arts Festival
Greater Philadelphia Expo, Oaks, PA
July Art Festival schedule  July 1, 2015
Boston Mills Artfest, Madison Fair on the Square, Ann Arbor Art Fair

Crocker Park Art Festival  June 11, 2015
Come out for a beautiful weekend in Westlake, OH

Making fine gold jewelry for over 30 years!  May 8, 2015
Recent additions to the inventory of jewelry!

Spring is here!  March 17, 2015
The 2015 Spring Sugarloaf season has begun!

 Scott J. Berry
P.O. Box 7748
Ann Arbor MI 48107