Scott J. Berry
Specializing in handcrafted, custom 14K and 18K gold jewelry utilizing a unique selection of fine gemstones.
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Featured Pieces

Beryl ring
Morganite ring
Zircon ring
Topaz ring

Next Show

Dec 04 - 06
ODC Columbus Winterfair booth#853
Ohio State Fairgrounds, Columbus
Sugarloaf Gaithersburg Art Festival  November 17, 2015
NEW BOOTH #218!! Come say hello!

Sugarloaf Fall events  November 4, 2015
Oaks @ Greater Philadelphia Expo booth#295, Gaithersburg Montgomery Co Fairgrounds booth#218

July Art Festival schedule  July 1, 2015
Boston Mills Artfest, Madison Fair on the Square, Ann Arbor Art Fair

Crocker Park Art Festival  June 11, 2015
Come out for a beautiful weekend in Westlake, OH

 Scott J. Berry
P.O. Box 7748
Ann Arbor MI 48107