Our work is a melding of two goldsmiths visions of design and precise craftsmanship. The majority of our work is created in the lost wax casting process. The goal for our designs is to lead with simplicity, yet put our stylistic mark on each piece. We pride ourselves for having a trained eye when it comes to the selection of the gemstones. Grade A quality and unique shapes mark our choices. The ability to personally interact with the clients who wear our work is very satisfying for us, as well as for our clients. We especially look forward to seeing you at an art festival near you.

Today, John and Scott are well known at many of the finest art festivals in the country for having a unique, contemporary body of work, combined with a professional demeanor and an appreciation for their clients who have chosen to wear their creations.

John P. and Scott J. Berry are a father-son team who have had the pleasure of working together since 1986. Graduating from college with an MBA in 1968, John spent six years working in corporate America. Wanting a more creative outlet, John pursued a career in jewelry making completing his first work in 1975. By the early 80s John started to work exclusively in gold and was marketing his work through Art Festivals around the country. In 1986 Scott joined his father in the studio. Scott's natural artistic ability and precise nature were a perfect match for the demanding skills needed to master the art and craft of jewelry making. His skills advanced rapidly and John and Scott became full partners in the business in 1989. In 2012, John fully retired from the business, and moved full time to his house on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.